Reflection Four

Secondary and primary sources

primary source is material that you gather yourself. It is an original source of research e.g. Quoting an interview you conducted with someone yourself. Talking to people and interviewing is the main way of gathering information via primary source, both on and off the record.

secondary source is an article, document or report that is used as source material for another article e.g. Quoting another article, journal or book to support an argument. It is a secondary source if the content is gathered or produced by someone else.

Why are primary sources important in journalism?

Using primary sources ensures the content is reliable and more authentic. The reader is more likely to trust the source if it is original and knows where it came from.

Interview Tips

The main thing I took away from the interview tips given in Karl’s lecture was how to act when conducting an interview. It is important to have a non-aggressive style and to be polite, empathetic and charming.

You also need to ensure you turn up equipped . Prep is key. Take the appropriate tools and have questions (open ended) ready.

Ensure that you listen as this is the vital key to gathering content from an interview. Always remain professional but relaxed enough to make the interviewee feel comfortable.


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