Reflection Two

Being new to WordPress, I struggled to get used to the layout of the site. At first I found it hard to add categories to my blog. However, after asking my module tutor, Katie, for help, it seemed fairly simple. I feel this is necessary as it organises my blog, making it easier for the reader to navigate.

I found it complicated to change the layout and themes on WordPress as the dashboard was complicated to use. However after finding an alternative way to access the dashboard, I felt it was much more user-friendly. I used trial and error experimenting with different themes, before deciding which style I liked. I chose an appropriate header,  a vibrant photograph I took in summer in Burano, Italy.

I changed the font styles and sizes from the defaults to make text appear clearer and more professional.

I took away from Karl’s lecture the basic rules of copyright. I now know you need permission to use someone else’s images, which is why I used an original photograph taken by myself as the header for my blog. Considering my love for photography, I intend to use only my own images on my blog or grant permission and state their source if this is not always possible.


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