Pitch 1 – Charges on recycling in West Lancs

I am Catherine Skelton, a first year journalism student at Leeds Beckett University. I am writing a short feature that I think will interest you.


More and more areas of the county, especially in the south, have began to introduce a charge for the collection of green compostable material, which is currently a free service. I am going to write on how various counties have began to charge for the disposal of green waste, in particular West Lancashire, Commenting on how this will affect residents as well as council costs.

Within the article I will look at how these charges compare to others in the county, why councils have enforced charges and how this will affect residents behaviour to recycling. I will be interviewing people at West Lancashire Borough Council to find out why they are charging for green waste disposal as well as other councils that already charge to find out how it has affected the council and residents.

I will include a small table containing the charges on waste disposal for various areas of the country. This information will be taken from reliable sources on the internet (mainly council websites).

I will also speak to the residents of the West Lancashire area to get their views on the upcoming costs.  I will look at the environmental impacts and funding of the council. I will include my own basic photographs related to the top of green bins or compost disposal. I propose the article will be approximately 800 words; 100 words of introduction and 700 words of body of text.


Catherine Skelton



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