Pitch One – Research

Primary sources

Primary contacts:

West Lancashire council


Richmondshire council – 01748829100

Friends of the earth
0113 242 8150

Interview questions:

(West Lancashire Borough Council representative)

  1. Why do you think more boroughs in the south introducing charges
  2. How will introducing charges affect the environment and land fill?
  3. Do you think the charges will change residents’ opinion of recycling?
  4. Why do you think charges are being introduced now an haven’t before?
  5. Why do charges vary on different councils?

(Richmondshire council representative)

  1. How have the charges on waste disposal affected the area?
  2. Have people’s attitudes towards recycling changed?
  3. Do you feel it has had a possitive or negative response?

(Residents of the West Lancashire area)

  1. How do you feel about the introduction of charges on waste disposal?
  2. Would you recycle less if there was a cost?

(‘Friends of the earth’ representative)

  1. What impact will imposing these charges have on the environment?
  2. How will the charges have an impact on landfill?
  3. Why do you believe the charges are being imposed?

Online survey

I will construct an online survey as a way of gathering statistics to use in my article. I will use surveymonkey.com as this is an easy and reliable website. To keep it short and easy for the public, I will only include two questions.
1. How often do you garden?
2. Would charges on green waste put you off recycling?

The results will be presented in a graph that I can use in my article.

Secondary sources

Comparison of other charges
(Taken from online)

Kingston upon Thames: £69
Sheffield: £57.60
Gateshead: £20
Richmondshire: £17
Birmingham: £35
Scarborough: £38 (from next year)


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