Pitch Two – Northern Ireland abortion act

I am interested in writing a short feature in curation format that I think will interest you. I will write about the current issues surrounding Northern Island’s abortion grounds.

//Headline: NI abortion law: “stuck in the dark ages”//

This is a topic that has recently sparked media attention after new guidelines have announced fatal foetal abnormality is not grounds for lawful termination. This is obviously a contravention topic which is why I feel curation will be an affective way to gather sources.

The slant of the article will be whether the grounds are outdated and unreasonable and how both professional and public opinions agree and disagree with this.

I will use sources such as social media sites and blogs to include in the article. I will also quote online sources and relating articles to give alternative opinions.  I intend on creating an online social media poll using twitter and will present the results in my article.

Using this format of article will allow me to see how the public are responding to this piece of news and see what is being shared and posted.

I propose the article will be around 800 words, around 100 word introduction and 700 word body of text.



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