Reflection Seven

Last week I received feedback on my blog so far from my course tutors. The general feedback was positive and the layout approved. The feedback has taught me to sub-edit my work more thoroughly before publishing it and to consult the style handbook when doing so. I have also taken on board advice to keep on top of reflecting my work as doing this straight away will ensure I reflect more accurately. Some slight grammar mistakes were pointed out which, again, has shown me the importance of reading over my work and editing it before publishing it.

Over the last nine weeks I have tried to manage my time fairly well, spacing out my work and ensuring I write my reflections within a week. I have learnt it is vital to attend all sessions and if not, catching up is imperative. I want to ensure I don’t fall behind so have been catching up out of class on any work not completed in class. I feel it is hard jumping between work from all modules when studying out of class so try to focus on one aspect of work at a time.

If I could go back to week one of the course, I would tell myself to keep on top of work and to constantly be looking ahead as to what I can incorporate in my work to come. I have also learnt to sub-edit every aspect of my work as easy mistakes can be made and this resolves them.

When given assigned tasks to write articles, I have struggled at first to think of topics. However, I now know that as a journalist, it is imperative to note down ideas as they come to you to. This will mean I won’t forget ideas or struggle to think of stories.



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