Reflection Six

Curation is a form of journalism that allows you to select, organise and present information using professional or expert knowledge. Sources such as social media sites and blogs can be used to do this. I am interested in this aspect of journalism as it adds an alternative format and may not be as conventional as some written articles.

List articles are a way of presenting information or news in a list format. They often have powerful, attention-grabbing headlines and include images attracting the reader. I feel they are affective today as it is known that readers often skim read lengthy articles. The short format of list articles makes it quicker and easier for the reader to obtain the information that they want. They are usually available on social media, making them easy to access on the go. They are also often shared by readers through social media and blogs, making them widely read.

This week I have began to progress my first assignment. I have learnt that it is not necessarily easy to gather primary sources as some individuals I wanted to speak to were unavailable. However, I have learnt to find ways around this and I have still found exciting research for my article. At first, I struggled to decide on a definite headline. I came over this by brain storming ideas and taking my time to decide an appropriate headline. I have learnt not to rush such decisions as it can be vital to the end article.


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