Joining Twitter

I have been using my personal twitter account for years and love posting pictures and anything that comes to mind. I am excited to incorporate social media in my journalism as it is a secret obsession of mine.

I found it quite straight forward to create a new professional account. I have chosen an appropriate display picture of myself and a brief professional bio.


Once my account was set up I was able to begin searching for relevant topics that interest me. This has shown me how quick and easy is it to follow news using twitter.


I have been aware of the use of third party tools on twitter but have not used any before now. I signed up for ‘Tweepi’, a free tool that helps you to find people to follow. I found this interesting and a helpful way to find people related to my journalism interests. 


I have not used twitter lists before to organise my timeline. I have therefore been interested in using this feature on my new account. I have been able to search for and sort categories of people depending on their topic.


I have also recently discovered Twitter Deck’, a website I would recommend to any users wanting to browse easily and multi-task. I think I will benefit from it in the future for quick browsing as it displays a lot of information at once.


I have set up my professional account using the app on my phone alongside my personal one. This will allow me to tweet on-the-go and access it at all times. I will be able to access and post news at any time or place.


I have chosen to follow my fellow classmates, module leaders and any relevant news sources/ professionals. I am excited to get started and begin using social media in my journalistic work.



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