Reflection Eight (Final Reflection)

I feel that I have acquired various new skills whilst producing my assignments.

When gathering research for my articles I discovered it can sometimes be hard to get information from people. I had problems arranging a face to face an interview with the council and therefore had to resort to email. This was easily resolves so was therefore did not affect my assignment. I also faced problems when trying to gather information through an online survey as I struggled to get as many participants as I had hoped. However I still included this data as planned as it was evidence that supported my article.


Whilst producing my assignments I became more comfortable with approaching people for research. I acquired a confident and polite approach to interviews, both face to face and via email or telephone.  This is a skill that I was excited to practise and I really enjoyed meeting and talking with new people to gather a variety of opinions. I feel I managed my time well and this assignment has taught me to keep up to date with work and to follow a structured plan. I am very pleased with my final assignments.


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