About Me

My name is Cathy Skelton and I am a new student at Leeds Beckett University studying Journalism. I was born and grew up in Liverpool before recently moving to Leeds. After finishing my A Levels at sixth form I took a gap year, working full time in a local hotel and travelling Europe. However after having this time off, I am excited to be back in education, studying what I love.
I have an outgoing and bubbly personality and a vibrant social life. Outside the classroom I am a massive lover of photography, as studying it at A Level sparked my creative side and I found whist travelling, this was a breath taking way to document my memories and experiences.


I am also heavily interested in health and fitness as I attend the gym regularly and feel nutrition is important. Technology also interests me, so am excited to explore the digital aspects of Journalism, getting involved in the practical workshops as  well as the theoretical aspects. I will use this blog as a way to display and document my work over the course of my degree.

Follow me:
Twitter – @catherineskel
Instagram – @cathskelton


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